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Brendan Mowat-Smith Revisits the Binson Echorec Engine for the Nemesis Delay

Guitarist Brendan Mowat-Smith of Toronto, revisits the Nemesis Delay's Binson Echorec engine in this beautiful composition.

GEOsynths demos the Nemesis Delay with a Synthesizer

The good folks at GEOsynths demo the Nemesis Delay with a Behringer DeepMind 12 in this comprehensive Nemesis/Synth video.

Doyle Bramhall II Talks with Premier Guitar About His Rig and the Nemesis Delay

Doyle Bramhall II talks about his gear and the Nemesis Delay in this episode of Premier Guitar Magazine's Rig Rundown.

Tyler Larson of Music Is Win Records a Song Using Only Delay, the Nemesis Delay

Tyler Larson of Music Is Win uses the Nemesis Delay and the L.A. Lady Overdrive to introduce the concept of Ostinato Songwriting.

Andy at Pro Guitar Shop Demos the Soleman MIDI Foot Controller and the Neuro Effects System

Andy at Pro Guitar Shop Demos the Soleman MIDI Foot Controller and the Neuro Effects System. The Neuro Effects System combines the power of Source Audio One Series and Soundblox 2 pedal in a fully integrated MIDI controlled super-pedalboard.

Brendan Mowat-Smith Plays Hendrix with the LA Lady Overdrive and Kingmaker Fuzz

Guitarist Brendan Mowat-Smith gets super fuzzed in this performance of Hendrix's "Foxey Lady" with the LA Lady Overdrive and Kingmaker Fuzz.

Echo Echo Guy Demos the Vertigo Tremolo

Our friend Echo Echo Guy (aka Nathan Shafer) always creates beautiful ambient music. Check out his gorgeous demo of the Vertigo Tremolo with a guest appearance from the Nemesis Delay.

Echo Echo Guy Demos the Nemesis Delay

Echo Echo Guy (aka Nathan Shafer) uses the Nemesis Delay, a volume pedal, and a Boomerang Looper in a ambient guitar looping performance.

Henning Pauly of EytschPi42 Demos the Nemesis Delay

Henning Pauly of EytschPi42 takes an in-depth look at the many features of the Nemesis Delay

Adam Aarts Demos the AfterShock Bass Distortion

Bassist Adam Arts demos the AfterShock Bass Distortion. Out of the box, the AfterShock features 3 killer bass sounds with over 40 additional overdrive, fuzz, and distortion tones available through the Neuro Mobile App.

The Lunar Phaser from Source Audio on Bass Guitar

The Source Audio Lunar Phaser is an amazing effect for bass guitar - the Lunar Phaser will be available in stores in April 2015

Steve Stevens of the Billy Idol Band Uses Hot Hand on “Rebel Yell”

Billy Idol's long-time guitarist, the great Steve Stevens, uses the Hot Hand 3 Wireless Controller to perform the classic tune, "Rebel Yell" on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Dubstep Guitar Demo by Mukatu

The Hot Hand Ring is featured in this amazing dubstep rig built by guitarist Mukatu.

Jazz Fusion/Dubstep/Pop remix - Till the World Ends (Britney Spears)

Bassist Adam Neely brings an interesting flourish to this Jazz Fusion remix of 'Til the World Ends' by Britney Spears with the bass wobbles of his Source Audio Hot Hand connected to the Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter.

Andres Rotmistrovsky Uses the Hot Hand with Multiwave Bass Distortion

Andres Rotmistrovsky takes a bass solo with the Hot Hand plugged into his Soundblox Pro Multiwave Bass Distortion.

Pop Into The Chemist Demos the Soundblox 2 Dimension Reverb

Pop Into the Chemist, one of our favorite guitar FX maestros, returns with a beautifully elegant demo highlighting the many ambient tones of the Soundblox 2 Dimension Reverb.

Soulseek - Evan Marian x Dana Hawkins

Bassist Evan Marien brings Hot Hand bass wobbles to Funk/Fusion in this great drum and bass jam with drummer Dana Hawkins.