Ventris Reverb Blind Spring Test Giveaway from Source Audio

Ventris Reverb Blind Listening Test and Giveaway

Take the Blind Spring Test and win Source Audio’s soon-to-be-released Ventris Reverb. To enter simply watch the Inside the Sound Laboratory: Spring Reverbs video, then fill out the fields below. Near the end of the video there is a blind spring reverb comparison that includes three unlabeled sound clips. One of the clips is the Ventris Reverb’s True Spring engine - the other two clips feature either a real Fender Vibrolux reverb or a triple spring outboard reverb, custom built by the great Roy M. Goode. Everybody that correctly picks the Ventris Reverb from the three sound clips will automatically be entered into the drawing.

And full disclosure, we do have a specific goal in this exercise. We are still engaged in the grueling process of developing our True Spring Reverb engine for the Ventris Reverb. Changes are still being made and we want your feedback on what we’ve done so far. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Was it easy or difficult pick our Spring Reverb engine from a line-up of real spring reverbs? What did you hear in the clips that influenced your decision? We want to know. We WILL review the feedback and move forward based on your opinions. So thank you!

Announcement Dates

The answer to the Ventris Reverb Blind Spring Test will be revealed when the survey is over. The winner will be contacted directly via email on Thursday June 1 and announced publically on the Source Audio Facebook and Instagram pages on Friday June 2 (Noon EDT). The winner will be drawn randomly from all contestants that correctly pick the Ventris Reverb from the three sound clips. This giveaway is open worldwide. Winners outside the United States will be responsible for local tax and customs fees. Good luck and thank you so much for your assistance in developing this exciting new reverb pedal — we are sure that you are going to love it.

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