User Testimonials

I have tweaked around with the Multiwave for a while. It's a pretty amazing unit! I'm pleased to see such an innovative approach to distortion unleashed on the public—very cool."

Billy Sheehan,
Bassist, Mr. Big

Good god what did you guys put in that thing! The Source Audio BEF is nasty good. I've had 9 filters before this one, full size old sheet metal Qtron & Micro version, Mutron III (reissue), Moog MF-101, Bassballs nano, Dr Q nano, EBS bassIQ & my current filters, full size Bassballs & Lovetone win!

The BEF to me is better sounding as a stand alone envelope filter than the Meatball, big statement...but the Meatball still wins for filtering other pedals, I like how organic it is. Although the BEF & Multiwave Bass distortion are made for each other, happy customer!"

Mike Walle

The versatility of my Source Audio Bass Envelope Filter has allowed it to take the place of several filters on my board. It has a wide array of tones that range from traditional to wild and formant-like, and they all retain a wet filter sound while avoiding volume spikes. The BEF also works fantastically with other pedals- it's an important element in creating a broad range of different synth sounds when combining it with octaver and fuzz pedals."

Bryan Tyler

I want to tell you that I think your pedals are the best out there. I bought my first pedal, the Tri-Mod Wah and it just blew me away. I had to show someone that really could play the bass and appreciate using it more than a beginner. So I took it to the Guitar Center here and gave it to a friend that works there…and it blew all of them away. Then I bought three more pedals, the Tri-Mod Phaser, Flanger and the Multiwave Distortion."

Stanley Robison

The Hot Hand is great--it's intuitive and weird and musical. Guitar pedals have kind of been stuck in the same place for a couple decades, and now the Hot Hand has come along to open up a whole new idea."

Damian Kulash,
Guitarist, OK Go