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“The Bass Envelope Filter is the real deal, man. So clean, so sensitive. I really love it. It put the stank in my funk, the swirl in my chords and the sweep to cut through in the mix.”

Photo and quote contributed by
Paul Williams
Tempe, AZ

“I got my face melted after purchasing the Soundblox Multiwave Bass Distortion. I recently snapped up the BEF. It’s going to take some playful bench time to explore another gem from your team.”

Photo and quote contributed by
P Mo
Bassist for The Terks
South Jordan, UT

“Good god what did you guys put in that thing! The Source Audio BEF is nasty good. I've had 9 filters before this one, full size old sheet metal Qtron & Micro version, Mutron III (reissue), Moog MF-101, Bassballs nano, Dr Q nano, EBS bassIQ & my current filters, full size Bassballs & Lovetone win!

The BEF to me is better sounding as a stand alone envelope filter than the Meatball, big statement...but the Meatball still wins for filtering other pedals, I like how organic it is. Although the BEF & Multiwave Bass distortion are made for each other, happy customer!”

Photo and quote contributed by
MIke Walle
Cincinatti, OH

“Keep on doing what you guys are doing. Musicians are hungry for new devices like these…in fact we need them. What I love about your envelope is that I used to have to tap dance through 3-4 pedals to get some of the sounds I can get from the BEF. Also, that distortion pro sounds like a serious synth in those sound bytes on your site. That’s BAD man, in a good way.”

Photo and quote contributed by
Marty Moroney
Mystic, CT

"I am lovin’ the SMWBD one heck of allot! It's unlike any other distortion I have ever had. It makes some crazy, synthy tones that I love.”

Photo and quote contributed by
Mark Headey
Bassist for The Disgruntled Taxpayers/Jack and the Giant Killers
Brisbane, Australia

"I'm just scratching the surface of my BEF pro. It's seriously one of the coolest bass effects I've owned. I especially love the versatility of the expression pedal and presets: whether doing low pass filter sweeps or seamlessly changing from a positive to negative envelope, the BEF pro really preserves the low end. I love it! Can't wait to add another Source Audio pedal to the board!"

Photo and quote contributed by
Jon Studtman
Bassist for Sonic Sutra
Lawrence, KS

"The Source Audio BEF and Multiwave distortion add an incredible amount of variety to my sonic palate. This setup allows me to get absolutely any tone I need and then some."

Photo and quote contributed by
Jeff LeVesque
Charleston, WV

“I've had the MWBDP on my board for about 8 months now, THIS THING AIN'T GOING ANYWHERE! I was hesitant at first due to its larger-than-average size, but it not only quickly replaced my favorite fuzz pedal (EHXBBM), but my EQ/boost pedals as well.

The ability to save presets and have two pages of presets is PHENOMENAL! more traditional sounds/EQ on one page, all the WACKYNESS on the next. Additionally, having separate knobs for clean and dirty volumes helps a lot to dial in everything from a big clean boost with a little fuzz up top, to an all out octave up, heavy gate, buzzy synth-fuzz tone with no clean signal."

Photo and quote contributed by
Brad Pearson
Bassist for Delta Blue
Vancouver, BC

The Source Audio Soundblox Multiwave Pro has proven to be one of the most important pedals on my board. Its ability to create original and classic sounding distortions opens my mind up to limitless creative ideas to help keep my music sounding fresh! I found that the Multiwave will give me enough distortion to add to the harmonic content of a mix as well as keep my low end sounding strong and powerful! When playing with one guitarist, the EQ will allow me to dial in a tone that helps fill up all that empty space. If playing with two guitarists i can EQ the Multiwave differently to fill up that space in a different way. Plus i can save these two different types of distortion into any of the six presets so that no matter what the jam situation may be, the Multiwave has me covered! Love it.

Photo and quote contributed by
Zach Serleth

Awesome pedals! I am very impressed with the amount of attention to tone put into these products. The customer service is fast, friendly and very helpful. The staff makes this company! From their personal dedication to their products, to their availibility for customer service; Source Audio recognizes that customer service is just as essential to the success of their business as is the tone, versatility and durability of their products. I am proud to share my positive experiences with this great company. Thank you for what you do and the level of care you put into it.

Photo and quote contributed by
Paul Sumner