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Multiwave Distortion and Dimension Reverb are irreplaceable elements of my pedalboard. Incredible sound and easy enough for even ME to program and use. Now THAT'S saying something.

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Mike Squires
Guitarist for Duff McKagan's Loaded
Seattle, WA

The Soundblox2 is my reverb of choice these days. It offers the flexibility and quality of a fine rack-style reverb in a foot pedal. The access to multiple parameters is especially important to me. (Many footpedal reverbs have only bare bones tweakability.) I have been having great fun using the “send” parameter controlled by an expression pedal. I also think that the Soundblox2 form factor is a very cleverly laid out, with great visual feedback through the multiple LEDs. I’ll be getting another one soon; it’s an incredible value for the price.

The Programmable EQ has become part of my standard pedal set-up. The ability to store four EQ presets, and adjust the overall gain from silent to unity to boost is a great feature. The visual readout of the EQ curve via the LED array is very cleverly designed.

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Robert Poss
Solo Artist and Guitarist for Band of Susans
New York, NY

An EQ with four programmable settings first caught my attention, then the intrigue of a motion controlled wah pushed my interest even further. After watching the demo of the Dimension Reverb, it was all over. Pedals may come and go, but Source Audio will always be a permanent fixture on my ever evolving board.

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Todd Sommers
New Orleans, LA

Trace Foster (Joe's Guitar Tech): "The Soundblox 2 Dimension Reverb isn't Joe's favorite reverb pedal, it's his ONLY reverb pedal."

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Joe Perry
Guitarist for Aerosmith
Boston, MA

"What I like about my four Source Audio Pedals is the company's idea of pushing the technical limits of guitar effects further and further. They really go beyond the obvious and inspire me, particularly with their vast controllability."

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Carl Weigand

I love the Orbital. The sounds and programmability are outstanding and it does the most important thing i look for in
a surprises and inspires me.

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Reeves Gabrels
Guitarist for the Cure, David Bowie, Tin Machine, and Solo projects

Mike Gordon uses the Soundblox 2 Orbital Modulator, the Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter, the Soundblox Pro Multiwave Bass Distortion, and the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal.

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Mike Gordon
Bassist for Phish

Our Man Couvy, on Talkbass! We had to share his Soundblox heavy pedalboard.

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Bassist on

I just played my first show using these pedals and thought they turned out great. Took no time at all to get some usable sounds.

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Andrew Bradford
Bassist for Pabulum

"I love my Source Audio Bass Envelope Filter! It is the foundation of my funk and plays well with my other pedals -- What a great little box!"

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Rob Tambini
bassist for Trinamic
Dover, NJ