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Source Audio has made things so much easier for me. No more bending down mid performance to make adjustments, or having to compromise my sound because i don't have enough time to change settings. The combination of the hub and one series allows me to make every aspect of my sound exactly what I need. Tons of delays, drives, trems (even some pseudo phase/chorus/flange stuff), just from the 3 small, but powerful pedals. And the simplicity in which I can access and organize my sounds through a combination of the hub, and the onboard presets on the one series lets me quickly build my setlists, which vary from week to week. A great combination of sound, versatility, and useability in a modular, midi system.

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David Haan
aka Gibs5000 on The Gear Page

I am a big fan of Source Audio One Series. The technology and connectivity options are just amazing - as is the sound quality, which is top notch! I'm running a stereo rig that puts a big smile on my face, and I can't wait to start using it on upcoming Uncle Bethel recordings.

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Doug B
Guitarist in Uncle Bethel
South of Nashville, Tennessee

Our friend "Ruiner" from uses the Nemesis Delay, Reflex Universal Expression Pedal, and the Soleman MIDI Foot Controller. I challenge you to not to look the scary faces.

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Ruiner from

Jeremy Varao (aka jerevil on of the "Dunkys 'n Demos" Youtube channel uses the Nemesis Delay, Gemini Chorus, Kingmaker Fuzz, Lunar Phaser, Neuro Hub and the Soleman MIDI Foot Controller.

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Jeremy Varao of the "Dunkys n' Demos" Youtube Channel

Matt Inviolates from uses the Kingmaker Fuzz, Lunar Phaser, Mercury Flanger, Gemini Chorus, Vertigo Tremolo, Nemesis Delay, Stingray Multi-Filter, Orbital Modulator, x2 Neuro Hubs, and Hot Hand.

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Matt Inviolates

LordByron from the Gear Page uses the Dimension Reverb, Nemesis Delay, L.A. Lady Overdrive, Kingmaker Fuzz, Neuro Hub and Soleman MIDI Foot Controller.

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LordByron from

Gollumslave's board includes the Nemesis Delay, Gemini Chorus, AfterShock Bass Distortion, Neuro Hub and Soleman MIDI Foot Controller

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Gollumslave from

Either in the studio or on the stage, I use my Multiwave Bass Distortion to make RUMBLE :)
Chicks dig that!

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Sebastian aka, "European Bass Player"

Trying to chase EQ settings when I'm constantly changing guitars during a show has always been tricky...the Source Audio Programmable EQ has finally made it easy…

Jason "Slim" Gambill
Lead Guitar, Lady Antebellum

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Jason Gambill
Lead Guitar, Lady Antebellum
Hermitage TN

I'm a hobby bass player, currently in a blues and classic rock cover band, though I have played other varied music in other bands. In the current band there is not a need for too much effects but I get to use some dirt, chorus and phaser in a subtle way. I'm both a tech geek and interested in other kinds of sounds and music genres though, so the Source Audio effects appeal to me in both those areas; the functions and design as well as the sounds made me put together a pedalboard for experiments and delving into more effect heavy sounds. The Source Audio pedals are very deep, there are lots of sounds and sound control possibilities once you get familiar with the user interface that can be a bit daunting at first. Two presets per pedal is great, however, the pedals really show their full potential when you add the Hub and a MIDI controller so you can build and instantly switch between more presets. For my board I added two Zoom Multistomp pedals that are also very powerful but difficult to use live unless you have a better way of changing presets. For this I use a 5-pin MIDI to USB MIDI converter from Disaster Area which makes it possible to change the presets in the Zooms at the same time as the scenes in the SA pedals are changed by the MIDI footswitch and Hub. With the addition of an expression pedal and a Hot Hand for the SA pedals this becomes a very powerful multieffects setup. I have only begun to scratch the surface of what sounds you can make and what hand and foot gestures you can use to create expressive sounds, it's endless fun. And, while I confess I'm exited about the technical side of this, of course the SA pedals simply sound very good too. :)

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