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One Series Updater Application

The One Series Updater application can be used to update your One Series pedals to the latest firmware and program versions.  The download package (v4) includes update files for the following pedals:

  • SA240 Mercury Flanger (firmware version 1.09)
  • SA241 Lunar Phaser (firmware version 1.09)
  • SA242 Gemini Chorus (firmware version 1.09)
  • SA243 Vertigo Tremolo (firmware version 1.10)
  • SA244 L.A. Lady Overdrive (firmware version 1.04)
  • SA245 Kingmaker Fuzz (firmware version 1.04)
  • SA246 Aftershock Bass Distortion (firmware version 1.04)

The v4 includes five new additional Distortion Engines to the L.A. Lady, Kingmaker Fuzz, and Aftershock Bass Distortion.

Neuro Desktop 0.2.12 Beta

NOTE: This software is in BETA, and supports only the Nemesis Delay, LA Lady Overdrive, Kingmaker Fuzz, and AfterShock Bass Distortion.
To update your pedal’s firmware, connect your pedal over USB to the Neuro Desktop Editor BETA. Select the downward arrow icon. In the following window, select “Yes.” A new window will open with the latest firmware for all One Series pedals. Choose the firmware matching your pedal. Select, “Open,” and wait for the update to finish.

Neuro Desktop is an all-in-one application that will support all Source Audio pedal and devices with USB ports.  Neuro Desktop allows for multiple devices to be connected simultaneously.  Users can edit presets, hardware options, MIDI mapping, manage hardware presets, and create device backups.

Features in this version (0.2.12 Beta):

  • Support for Nemesis Delay: Edit presets, update firmware, edit MIDI mapping, and access hardware options
  • Support for One Series Distortions:  Edit presets, update firmware, edit MIDI mapping, and access hardware options
  • Import/Export of preset files (.pre) compatible with the Neuro Mobile App and Hub Manager.
  • Create/Load device backups. Device backups are user memory image files that can be used to backup all user settings.
  • Multiple pedal editor windows can be used simultaneously by dragging tabs to the left or right margin of the editor tab view.

Support for additional Source Audio effects pedals and controllers will be added in subsequent versions.

Soleman Editor 1.0.2

The Soleman Editor is an essential application for advanced editing of the Soleman MIDI Footswitch.   Use the editor to quickly edit names, configure settings, and create custom MIDI messages.  The application can also be used to update the device firmware as well as creating full device backup memory images.

The installer package for version 1.0.2 also includes the latest firmware file for the Soleman (1.07).

Nemesis Delay Updater Application

The Nemesis Delay Updater application can be used to update your Nemesis Delay to the latest firmware and program.  All necessary update files are included in the updater application package. 

Nemesis Update version 8 features new Delay Engines for Single Head and Multi-Head Drum Echos.

Please see the Nemesis Update Guide document for instructions on using the Updater Application and infomation on firmware update history.

Hub Manager 2.1.2


The Hub Manager is a powerful tool for viewing and editing "Scenes" on your Source Audio Hub.  Connect up to five compatible pedals to a Hub and use the Hub Manager to tweak pedal settings and quickly create new scenes with a graphical editing interface.  Access lower level "Neuro" parameters with the individual pedal editors. 

Hub Manager 2.1.2 adds support for all Source Audio One Series pedals.  Users must update the Hub Firmware (included) to version 1.16.  If necessary, One Series firmware should be updated using their respective Updater Applications.

Hot Hand USB Editor, v. 1.0.46

Hot Hand USB Edtior screenshot

Software Editor for the Hot Hand USB. Create and edit control presets, tweak signals, and assign MIDI messages in this preset editor. Burn settings to the USB Receiver and recall automatically for performances. Windows and Mac OS X versions available.

Reflex Updater Application

The Reflex Updater is a utility application for updating to the latest firmware version (1.15).  All necessary files are included in the download package.  The application can also be used to view and edit the Reflex's hardware options.

Firmware version 1.15 adds additional smoothing to the pedal to reduce "chatter" in the MIDI outputs.

Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter Sequence Editor

Windows-only LFO Sequence Editor for creating custom step sequences for the USER LFO shape in the BEF Pro. Requires a PC-MIDI interface.

Firmware Updates

Note that firmware updates for the Soundblox Hub are installed via the Hub Manager application (see Software tab)

Hot Hand

Hot Hand USB firmware v 1.20

Nemesis Delay

Nemesis Delay Firmware Updates

Please see the Software Tab to download the Nemesis Delay Updater Application.  The latest firmware and program files are included in the application package.


Soleman Firmware 1.08

Latest firmware version (1.08) for the Soleman MIDI Foot Controller.  Includes minor improvements and bug fixes.


Hub Firmware v 1.17

Improvements and optimizations done for firmware version 1.17 mostly related to MIDI input handling and some minor bug fixes.  It is recommended that you back up your presets before updating firmware.  Do this in the HUB Manager by selecting the “HUB” tab, and choosing, “Export Scene List”.

Demo Projects

Hot Hand

Hot Hand USB

Ableton Live Demo 1 with Hot Hand USB

Includes a Live 9 set and Hot Hand USB settings file to demonstrate basic Hot Hand control of a filter on a bass line using the X-axis of the ring. Also demonstrates the use of the Y and Z axes to control additional instrument parameters

Logic 9 Demo 1 with Hot Hand USB

Includes a Logic 9 project and Hot Hand USB settings file to demonstrate the use of the X-axis to control filtering, Y-axis control of modulation, and Z-axis control of a pitch bend.

Traktor Pro Demo 1 with Hot Hand USB

Includes a Traktor settings file and Hot Hand USB settings file to demonstrate the use of the X-axis controlling the Loop Size Selector and Z-axis control of the Loop Set and Loop Active On/Off. Y-axis controls the position of the Cross-Fader.

Propellerhead Reason Demo 1 with Hot Hand USB

Includes a Reason 7 project file and Hot Hand settings file demonstrating bass “wobbles” using the X-axis of the ring. Also demonstrates the use of a Trigger Mode using the ring’s Y-axis to control the speed of a pattern sequencer.