Van Halen 2007 Reunion Tour

Saturday, August 18, 2007

We have all heard about this before - but this time it actually seems like it has a possibility of happening.

Van Halen, minus Mike Anthony, replacing him with Eddie's son, have scheduled a tour of the U.S. starting this summer.

The aspect that makes me write about this here, is how important the phaser and flanger were to Eddie's sound on their first 4 recordings.

Eddie has said how the phaser - I believe he used an old script-logo MXR - really gave his solos a kick in the treble side of things when he used it - and you can certainly hear that on the first record. It also adds an indefinable swoosh and swirl - not as drastic as a chorus or leslie effect - but just the right amount of bite and slight current to add a colorful sheen to the music.

And who can forget the flanger on the intro to "Unchained"? The beauty of a flanger is in it's movement to the chords over a constant rhythm of 8th notes - I can only imagine that this effect would come out brilliantly (and perhaps easier!) if Eddie used one of our wireless controllers.


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