Products: Toolblox

Source Audio’s Toolblox utility pedals offer top quality function with several thoughtful and highly useful added features. The Programmable EQ delivers extremely transparent equalization with 4 user presets and 12dB of clean boost. The Dual Expression pedal has 2 expression outputs for simultaneous control over multiple effects.

Soundblox Hub v1 Programmable EQ Expression Pedal

Soundblox Hub v1

Programmable EQ

Dual Expression Pedal

The Soundblox Hub v1 unites all your Soundblox 2 pedals into a thoroughly integrated multi-pedal system. Save up to 128 effect scenes, easily recallable via MIDI program change messages.

The Programmable EQ allows for precise tone sculpting with 18dB of cut/boost over 8 frequency bands and 12 dB of additional adjustable output. 4 user presets allow for quick adjustments on the fly.

The Dual Expression Pedal has two outputs allowing for simultaneous control of multiple effects. Its sensor output enables it to communicate with all Soundblox pedals.