One Series Pedals

The entire family of One Series pedals offers an easy-to-use 4-knob control and 3 flavors of effect, but incorporate them into the Neuro Effects System, and tap into their sprawling MIDI control and programmability.

Ventris Reverb Nemesis Delay Vertigo Tremolo

Ventris Dual Reverb

Nemesis Delay

Vertigo Tremolo

With its two individual reverb processors, the Ventris is essentially two of high-powered reverb pedals in one. Get lost in its¬†exceptionally spacious tones, everything¬†from beautiful natural reverberations to haunting “unnatural” effects.

A triumph in tone and engineering. Nemesis offers 24 distinct effect engines ranging from vintage tape and analog delays to highly advanced pitch-shifting and rhythmic delays.

Discover the true potential of advanced stereo tremolo, The Vertigo delivers a divine renewal of vintage “opto trem,” the haunting sway of Harmonic Tremolo, and a sweetly overdriven Bias Tremolo.

Lunar Phaser Mercury Flanger Gemini Chorus

Lunar Phaser

Mercury Flanger

Gemini Chorus

The Lunar Phaser offers three styles of creamy, swirling stereo phase. Choose from a bumping, thumping Uni-Vibe effect, a rich and resonant 4-stage phaser, and highly animate, yet smooth and groovy 8-stage phaser.

Leave vapor trails in the sky with this dynamic stereo flanger pedal. The Mercury offers three dramatic flanger effects including Thru-Zero (a.k.a. “tape flange”) and our own silky, smooth Shadow Flanger.

Float away with the liquid, swaying effects of this amazing stereo chorus pedal. The Gemini offers deep, hypnotic chorus in Classic single voiced mode, as well as Dual, and Quad voiced modes.

L.A. Lady Overdrive Kingmaker Fuzz Aftershock Bass Distortion

L.A. Lady Overdrive

Kingmaker Fuzz

Aftershock Bass Distortion

Though small in size, the L.A. Lady Overdrive houses three monstrous drive circuits for a truckload of warm and powerful crunch. Choose from our “Marshall in a box” Drive, a Smooth Mesa inspired tone, and our own hard-hitting Crunch Tube.

The Kingmaker Fuzz offers a dangerously aggressive trio of Fuzz. Choose from a super saturated, violin-like tone, a highly input sensitive fuzz that cleans up nicely with reduced input signal, and a screaming octave fuzz.

Get down and dirty with the AfterShock Bass Distortion. The AfterShock packs three bass distortion circuits that span the gamut of low-end crunch, from smooth overdrive, to biting mid-range distortion, to full-on fuzz attack.