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  • One Series

    The entire family of One Series pedals offers an easy-to-use 4-knob control and 3 flavors of effect, but incorporate them into the Neuro Effects System, and tap into their sprawling MIDI control and programmability.

  • Hot Hand

    The Hot Hand 3® Universal Wireless Effects Controller and the Hot Hand family of pedals introduce an unprecedented level of expressive capability. Hot Hand translates motion into a dynamic and precise expression or MIDI output, which can be applied to a range of Source Audio and third-party effects pedals, rack systems, and software. Control filter sweeps, drive levels, modulation, bit crushing, and much more.

  • Soundblox Pro

    Soundblox® Pro pedals represent Source Audio’s highest level of professional grade features and functionality. Each Pro unit’s broad assemblage of effect types, 7-band graphic EQ, and extensive collection of adjustable parameters offer a colossal range of applications and tone possibilities. Settings are easily saved and recalled via six user presets and all SB Pro pedals work with Hot Hand or expression pedals.

  • Soundblox 2

    The Soundblox 2 line of pedals loads rack-mount power into compact and durable stompboxes. Every SB2 pedal features an abundance of effect types, 2 user presets, and universal bypass. Control each adjustable parameter on-the-fly with either the Hot Hand 3 Universal Wireless Effects Controller or the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal.

  • Toolblox

    Source Audio’s Toolblox utility pedals offer top quality function with several thoughtful and highly useful added features. The Programmable EQ delivers extremely transparent equalization with 4 user presets and 12dB of clean boost. The Dual Expression pedal has 2 expression outputs for simultaneous control over multiple effects.