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The Hot Hand 3® Universal Wireless Effects Controller and the Hot Hand family of pedals introduce an unprecedented level of expressive capability. Hot Hand translates motion into a dynamic and precise expression or MIDI output, which can be applied to a range of Source Audio and third-party effects pedals, rack systems, and software. Control filter sweeps, drive levels, modulation, bit crushing, and much more.

Hot Hand USB Hot Hand 3 Wah Filter

Hot Hand USB

Hot Hand 3 Wireless Effects Controller

Hot Hand Wah

Source Audio continues the evolution of the motion-controlled effects with the Hot Hand USB Wireless MIDI Controller for direct connection to computer-based production platforms.

The Hot Hand 3 Universal Wireless Effects Controller translates motion into an exceptionally precise and dynamic expression signal. Control a multitude of effect parameters including filter sweep, modulation, wet/dry mix, drive level, and more.

Hot Hand Wah Filters contains 11 wah filter effects including Classic Wah, Low Pass, Band Pass and Multi Peak effects, Auto-Wah and Volume Swell/Tremolo. All of these can be modulated by the Hot Hand motion sensor.


Hot Hand Phaser/Flanger

The motion-controlled Phaser/ Flanger system is equipped with 7 Phasing and 7 Flanging effects. These 14 effects can also be modulated using the Hot Hand motion sensor, an LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator), an Envelope Follower or a Sequencer.

Herman Li

Artist Testimonial for Hot Hand: Herman Li

The Hot Hand is an innovative mind blowing expressive effects processor. The sounds you can create with it are out of this world, it is like the secret hi-tech weapon in my guitar rig!”

—Herman Li, Dragonforce