Hot Hand® 3 Universal Wireless Effects ControllerNew!

Hot Hand 3

The Hot Hand 3 Universal Wireless Effects Controller expands significantly on the breakthrough technology of the original Hot Hand, broadening its compatibility to include non-Source Audio pedals. A 3-axis accelerometer translates motion into a dynamic and precise expression signal, which can be applied to a range of effect parameters, including filter sweeps, drive levels, modulation, and wet/dry mixes. The lightweight and wireless ring is capable of transmitting over 100 feet and fits comfortably on the hand, foot, or instrument headstock.

Hot Hand 3 connects to all Soundblox®, Soundblox 2, Soundblox Pro, and Hot Hand pedals via the 1/8” SENSOR OUTPUT. The receiver base station also features a standard 1/4” EXPRESSION OUTPUT compatible with most third-party pedals equipped with a 1/4” expression input, such as the Boss PS-5 Pitch Shifter, Eventide Space Reverb, Line 6 DL4, and many more.

The system consists of a wireless sensor ring, ring charger/DC power supply, receiver base station, and sensor cable. The ring is powered by a rechargeable/replaceable lithium ion battery, with an average operation time of 6 hours between charges.

The Hot Hand is great—it's intuitive and weird and musical. Guitar pedals have kind of been stuck in the same place for a couple decades, and now the Hot Hand has come along to open up a whole new idea.”

—Damien Kulash, guitarist for OK Go

Hot Hand 3 Interface

Roll your mouse over hot spots (+) on the panel controls to learn about each one.

Hot Hand 3 Panel Demo

Adjusts the range of the control signal.

Adjusts the ring's sensitivity to motion.

Indicates a link between the Hot Hand ring and receiver.

Indicates which motion axis is currently selected.

Aligns the midpoints of the ring position and output level.

I/O Ports

Roll your mouse over hot spots (+) on the panel controls to learn about each one.

Hot Hand 3 Panel Demo

Connects to compatible third-party effect units.

Connects to all Hot Hand, Soundblox, Soundblox 2, and Soundblox Pro pedals.

Hot Hand 3 Wireless Effects Controller Features & Specifications

  • Compatible with all Soundblox, Soundblox 2, Soundblox Pro, and Hot Hand pedals.
  • Works with most third-party effects equipped with a 1/4” expression input. DIP switches facilitate third-party effect configuration.
  • Select between 3 different motion axes (X, Y, and Z).
  • RF transmitter capable of transmitting over 100 feet.
  • Rechargeable/replaceable lithium ion battery.
  • DEPTH and SMOOTHING controls adjust effect amount and ring sensitivity.
  • All components are compatible with the original Hot Hand Wireless Adapter.
  • Use up to 4 separate Hot Hand units simultaneously with no interference
  • License free for worldwide wireless usage (ISM band).