Accessories for Source Audio pedals through our online store. Available accessories include:

Wireless Ring

Hot Hand™ Wireless Ring Sensor

A replacement for standard wireless 2-axis sensor ring that comes with Hot Hand Wireless Adapter package.

Wireless Receiver Base

Hot Hand™ 3 Wireless Receiver Base

A replacement for the wireless base station receiver that comes packaged with the Hot Hand Wireless Adapter.

Wireless Receiver Base

Wireless Ring Charger

This 5V DC power supply is intended for use with the Hot Handô wireless sensor ring only. It features universal AC input 110-240 VAC @ 50-60 Hz.

Daisy Chain Cable

Hot Hand™ Daisy Chain Cable

4 conductor 6 foot long cable for use when connecting multiple Source Audio Hot Hand products.

Daisy Chain Cable

9VDC Power Supply

This negative tip DC 9V, 250mA power supply is intended for use with all Source Audio pedals.

Daisy Chain Cable

Hot Hand™ Wired Ring Sensor

The original wired Hot Hand motion sensing ring connects to all Source Audio pedals including the Soundblox line of effects.