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Hot Hand from Source Audio Helps Dubstep Video Go Viral

Three weeks after its YouTube release, Pinn Panelle’s cover of the Skrillex recording, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites surpassed the viral milestone of 1,000,000 views, since then it has topped 2 million and shows no sign of slowing down. The video establishes a dynamic new hybrid genre, combining elements of live rock performance and the electronic/DJ based sound of dubstep. Often discussed in the video’s comments section is the role of the Hot Hand Wireless Adapter with the Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter in the achievement of bassist Nathan Navarro’s dubstep wobble.       


Navarro explains his desire to take dubstep, a style of music traditionally performed with preprogrammed loops and effect modulation, and transport it to the realm of actual live performance: “I was looking for a controller that could articulate the oscillations of a wobble with accuracy and in real time.  I bought the Hot Hand and it’s been my weapon of choice since.”

The Hot Hand Wireless Adapter is comprised of a lightweight motion sensor ring and receiver that plugs directly into all Soundblox, Soundblox Pro, and Hot Hand pedals. The ring attaches to a musician’s hand, foot, headstock, etc. and an internal accelerometer translates motion into an exceptionally precise and dynamic expression signal. When used with Source Audio’s envelope filters, wahs, phasers, and flangers, Hot Hand executes filter and modulation sweeps with a level of speed and exactitude previously unachievable.

Traditionalists may take issue with Bluetooth controllers and laptop computers occupying a rock and roll stage, but for the members of Pinn Panelle a full embrace of innovative and high-tech musical gear is instrumental in their mission to bridge the gap between rock music and dubstep. Guitarist, Derek Song and keyboardist, Jonah Wei-Hass had to find new methods for manually directing their dubstep wobbles. Song reveals, “I really got into alternate ways of controlling my effects.  Essentially what I’m doing is using a Bluetooth key pad to control the rate of the LFO and filter.” Drummer Justin Conway says, “I use Ddrum triggers for samples plus the Roland Octapad for additional processing and samples, then mix it all in with my acoustic sound.” It’s this intriguing fusion of the digital and the organic that really gives Pinn Panelle’s music its edgy explosiveness.

“As a bassist, I enjoy playing dubstep” adds Navarro, “because of the power in the tones I get to use.  Real-time wobbles make me feel like a Jedi.”  Real-time bass wobbles certainly makes him sound like a Jedi, just imagine dropping a light saber duel into the center of a rave dance floor and you’ve got a pretty good idea of the signature Pinn Panelle sound.

Bassist Nathan Navarro will demonstrate his Hot Hand inspired dubstep technique at the Source Audio booth (#5599 in Hall B) at this year’s NAMM Show in Anahiem, CA from January 19 to 22.

Source Audio was founded in January 2005 by former engineers, scientists, and executives of Analog Devices, Kurzweil Music Systems, and Thomas H. Lee Partners. Since the 2006 release of its flagship product, the Hot Hand™ motion-sensing ring, Source Audio’s distortion, modulation and Hot Hand products have been recognized through multiple awards from Guitar Player, Guitar World, Bass Player, and Premier Guitar Magazines.