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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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Written by Scott Auld of The Gear Page


This month I had three unique pedals hit my doorstep, and more than being just more fun noisemakers, they actually awakened that curiosity about effects that seemed to be asleep in me for a long time. I remember how excited I was in my early teen when I first got to play with distortion – it was like I had discovered fire. The new Source Audio pedals actually got me feeling that way again. Let me explain why.

In a world where every pedal seems to come in the same old boring Hammond enclosure and only the screen printed graphics change (insert cool artwork here, kids!) it was a breath of fresh air to open up the pedals from Source Audio. They’re just so … different-looking! I didn’t know it yet, but this should have been my hint that they were engineered differently. The team at Source Audio appear to be a rare breed among engineers – they seem to be futurists as much as designers. It’s as if they’ve realized that we musicians have been stuck in the same rut for 40 years, and they appear to be determined to help us get moving forward again, into a future filled with possibilities.

Source Audio sent us a Soundblox Dimension Reverb pedal, a really interestingly laid-out pedal with its sideways-rectangle control knob layout and button panel below that. With 12 different flavors of reverb (6 different room sounds, 2 plate reverb settings, 2 spring reverb settings, and a modulation or an echo setting) and a massive amount of parameters you can tweak, the Soundblox Dimension 2 is a really versatile reverb unit that should find a home on everyone’s board.



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