Quote of the Day #15

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I keep thinking this about it. I've been playing with the Binson engine a bunch recently and you can practically hear the drums rotating and rattling when you play. Sometimes I swear you can hear some dust and grit on the Tape mode, and the analog mode has just the right amount of BBD chip grunge to feel real (along with the input filtering). I've never heard a digital delay sound so 'real'.

I don't usually gush about gear for more than a week after I've owned it, after about a month most gear that I keep just becomes 'mine' and starts to be just a tool in my kit. The Nemesis still excites me, and I've owned it for almost a year now, I still want to talk about to whenever I get the chance, I still suggest it when people ask for delay suggestions.

- TimmyPage from The Gear Page

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