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Premier Guitar Review of Classic Pro Distortion Pedal

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not only do we love Premier Guitar for their insightful reviews of guitar gear, but for their insightful reviews of our pedals!

In 2008, they awarded our Multiwave Distortion a "Most Outstanding Gear" designation, and in the June 2010 issue, our Soundblox Classic Pro Distortion Pedal received 5 stars.

Here's a selection of the full article: If you play blues one night and hard rock the next—if you need a variety of distortion, from mild overdrive to high gain—it gets more complicated. Chances are, you’ll need a variety of pedals, everything from that vintage fuzz to the latest high gain distortion, to create that diverse sound palette.

And that's precisely why we designed this pedal to have so many great and useable sounds - to allow you the most bang for your buck that is available, alsong with the widest possible selection of sounds.

I like a clean boost going into a vintage non-master volume type amp (my 1970 Marshall 50 watt is a perfect specemin for this) just to give a little more of the goodness that the amp already has, like a slight volume and distortion boost for solos. I also like to set a mid-scooped metal setting to go into into the clean channel of my Mesa Boogie Mark III to use for a "chunk metal" rhythm (this is what Steven Wilson does with his Bad Cat amp), while then I can use the Boogie's lead channel for a mid boosted creamy lead tone.

A pedal that can work the extremes of amp designs and sound great sure is a winner.

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