In Stores Now—The Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter

Attention all bass players—it’s here. The Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter is finally available in all the finest music stores.  In accordance with Source Audio tradition, the BEF offers incredible variety, stellar sound, and superior control. This pedal houses 21 dramatically different filter types in a wide range of categories including 2 Pole Low Pass, 4 Pole Low Pass, Single Peak, Triple Peak, Peak & Notch, and Phaser.  Sound quality was of the utmost importance in the making of this pedal, and it stands apart from other envelope filters is its powerful ability to maintain a commanding bottom end while still delivering an unbelievably vivid envelope effect. And finally there’s control—the easy-to-use interface gives you tremendous control of each filter’s center frequency, the depth and direction of the filter sweep as well as the speed of each envelope’s attack and decay

We really put a lot of work and research into this pedal so you can be sure it will stand up to the harshest critic. We know the pros dig it, the pedal has already found its way onto the pedal boards of Mike Gordon from Phish, Jai Dillon from the Jason Mraz band and Kevin Walker, the bass player for both Prince and Justin Timberlake!

You’ve got to hear it yourself—the following demo video from our own Will Cady provides a comprehensive tour of the BEF's many sound possibilities.


Check out what Jesse Remignanti and Bob Chidlaw, the guys who designed the BEF, have to say about it. The Tech Talk series gets an engineer’s perspective on Source Audio pedals. Tech Talk: Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter (parts 1 &2) provides fascinating insight to the design philosophies behind our latest effects pedal.

Check out the BEF product page for more info on this amazing new pedal.

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