Guitar Artist: Vinnie Zummo

Artist Testimonial

"Being a long time gear head who owns over 85 fuzz tones, I know the drill well. I read an ad or review about a new distortion pedal, get all buzzed and order it. It arrives, I plug it in's the same old thing with a new paint job. So when my Soundblox Multiwave Distortion pedal arrived I was shocked to hear something so radical and new. If anything, Source Audio's advertising claims were understated. This pedal is A BEAST!!! Completely changes the way U use distortion. It's opened whole new worlds for me sonically and I featured it in the song "Homicidal " from my new album, Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America: Volume 2. I have seen the future and it is now. The Multiwave Distortion pedal IS the future of guitar sound."