Bass Artist: Quintin Berry

Quintin Berry Covers Voodoo Chile by Jimi Hendrix

Artist Testimonial

"I love the clear cool sounds I get from Source Audio pedals, the control I have with the mix of multiwave bass distortion and the fun I have with the Hot Hand still keeping the low end, and my true bass sound is unreal, I mean bad ass Q."

"The song “Sonic Groove” is four bass tracks using Source Audio pedals.
- Track one is a envelope filter sound from the hot hand wah.
- Track two is a distortion sound from the Multiwave Bass Distortion.
- Track three is a synth sound from the Multiwave Bass Distortion.
- Track four is a chorus sound from the Tri-Mod Wah.

I'm very happy with the product! I took the time to program my sounds on each pedal because I use them live. Source Audio is a big part of my gig. "


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Quintin Berry using the Hot Hand by Source Audio

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