Guitar Artist: Carl Broemel

Carl Broemel plays Hot Hand on Pedal Steel. Boston, September 2008.

Carl Broemel using Hot Hand

Carl Broemel's Pedal Board

Artist Testimonial

Carl talks with the website, Electronic Musician about the song "Look At You" off of the "Evil Urges" record:
“I played the Carter pedal steel again here, but this time through a Source Audio Hot Hand Wah. On the original demo for this song, Jim played the electric guitar parts with a wah pedal. Since all my feet are busy with the steel, I couldn’t use a standard wah, and didn’t want to use an auto wah. That’s why I got the Source Audio. Basically the Hot Hand uses a tiny device you wear on any finger, and the motions of your finger then controls the sweep of the wah or whatever sound you want.”